This word is old and weird. It means, with echo.

The catechumenate is a communal process of spiritual growth and renewal that will allow participants to inquire into the life of faith and to examine the ways that faith has echoed throughout their life.

If the following describes you, you may want to consider being a part of the catechumenate…

  • You are new to our church or to any church
  • You’ve got questions about faith, God, or religion
  • You’ve been estranged from the church in any way but want to re-engage a faith community
  • You’re not a Christian
  • You’ve always been a part of a church but have never had a chance to go deeper than Sunday morning
  • You want to know more about what we’re doing in worship and what it all means
  • You are the parent or Godparent of a recently baptized child, seeking a community that will equip you to raise your child in faith

How does it work?

This process has four stages. At the end of each stage, participants choose whether to move on to the next stage.  


Stage 1: Inquiry

For roughly five weeks between October and the beginning of Advent in December, individuals are gathered to reflect on their own life story, with its questions and doubts, in light of God’s grace and the biblical story.

Stage 2: Exploration

Between the seasons of Advent (in December) and the start of Lent (in mid February-March) the group will begin to connect our own stories with the movements and patterns of our Sunday worship service (the prayers we pray, the songs we sing, the scriptures and sacraments we gather around).

Stage 3: Preparation

During the 40 days of lent, the group will continue the work we were doing in exploration, with the intention for participants to either affirm their baptism at Easter or to become baptized at Easter.  

Stage 4: Baptismal Living

Between Easter and Pentecost (mid-May to early June) the group reflects on our call to live our faith in daily life.  We will identify one another’s gifts and lift each other up for service in the church and the world.  


When do you meet?

We meet at the church on Sundays between October and June from 4:30-5:30 pm.  During the inquiry stage, individuals are welcome to drop in to see if this process is for you.