“This life, therefore is not godliness but the process of becoming godly,
Not health but getting well,

Not being but becoming,
Not rest but exercise.

We are not now what we shall be, but we are on the way.
The process is not yet finished but is actively going on.
This is not the goal but it is the right road.
At present, everything does not gleam or sparkle,
But everything is being cleansed.”
– Martin Luther

On the way.

We are a congregation that is on the way.  We’re on the way to softer hearts, more open hands and minds, and more tired feet from walking in the way of Jesus.  

Human beings.

We are a congregation of human beings. We are a congregation of people who are 100 percent saint and 100 percent sinner all at the same time.  Expect imperfection.  Expect beauty.  

Body of Christ.

We are the body of Christ. Our church is made up of all kinds of people, with all kinds of stories.  Some of our members came to us as babies and others came to us as adults.  Some are lifelong Lutherans, some are ex-Catholics, and some were not religiously affiliated before coming to us.  Some came because going to church is just what you do, while others came because they were seeking something deeper for their lives.  Some are children, some are young parents, and some are widows and elders. 

We are a bunch of people that God is making into the body of Jesus; a body that goes where God goes and does what God does, bringing light to dark places and healing salve to the wounds of the world.