Baptism is at the center of who we are at Faith. 

This is what we believe about baptism:

  • Baptism is the place where God tells us who we are: that we are God’s children, God’s beloved, and God’s delight.
  • Baptism is a sacrament, which means we believe that baptism is a place where God actually shows up.
  • Baptism is about what God believes about us, not what we believe about God.
  • Baptism is about community.  It is the place where the church makes promises to us! To walk with us towards God’s promises for our lives and for the life of the world.  So we do not do private baptisms.  They are always done on a Sunday morning in worship.
  • Baptism is a washing.  It washes away everything that sticks to us, that tries to convince us we are anything less than God’s children, beloved and delighted in. 
  • Baptism is a way of life.  It’s about dying and rising, it’s about letting go and receiving, it’s about laying down your life and finding it. 

We baptize infants and adults alike.  If you are an adult who is interested in baptism, read up on our Adult Catechumenate.