Join Us!

We worship Sunday mornings at 10. Hope to see you there!


What Waits For Me In Worship?


No matter what you bring or who you are the first thing that waits for you in worship is God’s unconditional forgiveness.  Our church is a place where it’s ok to bring yourself, broken and banged up.  God’s healing salve is waiting for you here.



We are constant consumers, forever filling ourselves with data, information, images, Netflix and other not-so-nourishing stuff!!

Here you will receive bread that satisfies, which comes in the form of the Word (scripture and preaching) and in the form of a meal (Holy Communion).

At our church, everyone is welcome to take communion.  It is God’s table, not our own, so who are we to tell you you’re not invited!



You will meet people who believe different things, who disagree on politics, who are young and old and everything in between.  You will meet people who are weird and wise, awkward and amazing, people who will disappoint you and who will show you God’s very nature. 



We figure that if God can be both ancient and new, both traditional and contemporary so can our music.  We try not to pigeon hole ourselves into categories but we sing what we can, in whatever style, to lift up God’s name. You will probably hear piano, organ, guitar, rhythm instruments, soloists and a choir.  


Old Stuff and New Stuff

Each week we’ll do a lot of the same stuff, over and over again.  We call this old stuff, the liturgy.  For instance we’ll always have a confession and we’ll always receive forgiveness.  We’ll pray the Kyrie and sing the Lamb of God. These are ancient prayers and songs, that for the most part come directly out of scripture, that every single week anchor us in the truth about who we are and who God is.  This stuff is so good and so true that we do it every week, letting it sink into our bones anew each week.

But we also do new stuff.  We pray in new ways, we sing new songs, and you’ll hear preaching that has to do with what’s going on in the world now!